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Nicknamed the Land of the Rising Sun, the island country of Japan is both captivating and dynamic. Unlike
anywhere else in the world, Japan is famous for its astonishing natural beauty, welcoming culture,
ancient landmarks and advancements in tech. We’ve explored some of Japan’s most popular cities to
inspire your travels in 2019, and what they can offer as a holiday destination.


Japan’s vibrant capital is said to be one of the largest in the world with over 13 million people living
there. Originally called Edo under the Emperor’s residence until the 19th century, the city is now a
metropolis of sky scrapers, cutting edge fashion and high-tech gadgets. Age-old traditions and landmarks
are still present though, which makes Tokyo a fascinating blend of old and new.

Tokyo has an eye popping skyline and one of busiest public intersections in the world, Shibuya Crossing.
Some of the iconic buildings include the world’s tallest free-standing broadcast tower Skytree at a
whopping 2, 000 ft. tall, and Tokyo Tower which is the second tallest in Japan and inspired by the
Eiffel Tower.

Japan’s culture is captivating, and in Tokyo you can experience it in full effect. Away from the city’s
amazing modern architecture, Tokyo boasts ancient temples, museums, castles, gardens and palaces that
are steeped in history. You can even visit Tokyo Disneyland for those who are seeking some real
themepark adventures!

By night, Tokyo is ablaze with neon lights, karaoke bars and street food vendors selling traditional and
unusual delicacies. The city is fast paced but full of adventure on every corner, meaning no two days
need to be the same.


While Tokyo is thriving 24/7, just outside the city is the snowcapped Mount Fuji which is a must-visit
when in Japan. You can get here via public transport from Tokyo, so it’s perfect for a day trip. Early
July to mid September is the official climbing season when the trails and mountain facilities are

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